Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Fake IPL

 (This blog is only a manifestation of my thoughts. It doesn't intend to accuse or defame anyone. )

While most young people like me were busy following the original IPL in South Africa, some thing much more dramatic was happening back home. So dramatic, and mesmerizing, it could beat the hell out of the original IPL from the Indian drawing room discussions. But one thing that has remained is that the INDIAN POLL LEAGUE (Fake IPL), like always gives me reason enough to Laugh Out Loud. Considering my shallow knowledge of the fake IPL (blame it on the real one) I will talk only about the most publicized of our great leaders.
VARUN GANDHI (The front runner): The Preamble to our constitution may give a special emphasis to SECULARISM but he really gives a F*** about it. The Gandhian on the other bank of the river, may yell out as many anti Muslim slogans he can or he even may kill a couple, but this country really knows how to forgive and forget. Cheers VG, Cheers Pilibhit!!!
MULAYAM SINGH YADAV(The veteran): The list of accusations of misappropriation of funds and corruption in his name will definitely need more pages than the Mein Kampf but the voters of Mainpuri wont care as long as it’s from the tax payers pockets. The winner for almost two decades from the constituency does know how to please the people who make his fortunes. Long live MS.
NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU(The superstar): “You may bowl me the Yorker or spin the ball from outside my leg stump, but you cant take my bells off”. The charismatic cricket commentator (that was much better than his cricket) who couldn’t control his anger on the streets and was charged with culpable homicide is all set to become a member of the parliament. Chak de phatte!! Expect a few flying chairs in the house.
SASHI TAROOR(The long distance runner): I did sympathize with him when he lost the office of United Nations Secretary-General, but didn’t any body tell him “gentlemen like him were better off saving the face of the nation outside”. The dude from India at the UN will now have his job cut out when he takes his seat in the parliament. Hats off to you!!! May you serve the nation with all your might..
MOHAMMAD AZHARUDDIN(The dude): He played his cricket with his collars flying high, even fixed matches with the flying collars and now has managed to fix his place in the parliament. The “dude” who tainted the face of Indian cricket has now been given an even more responsible job. All hail the Indian voters!!!! Don’t you ever watch cricket or were his opponents bigger criminals???
 And the matches, leave them!!!! They were stated to be much more interesting with contenders like Mayawati(The Tigress), Narendra (The “run” Rioter) Modi , L K (The slogger) Advani and our dear Manmohan (The fair play winner) Singh running for the captain’s cup, but all was spoilt by the Gandhi’s again..


etymofreak said...

Interesting Insights. Fine strt on ur blogging journey.
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Thanks... hope i can continue it this tym around!!!