Friday, February 4, 2011

The blind side..

Almost every literate soul today is at least aware of "The Zeitgeist Movement", if not influenced by it. I just finished watching their most recent presentation (that is what I would prefer calling it) on the crises in Egypt. Governments bashed! Wikileaks and right to information hailed! Sheer brilliance!! Is it not?
Now lets roll back a few years down our own lives. Back to school I should say, to a time when you and me took pride in being made the class monitor, being called a great footballer or being hailed as one of the brightest students in the class. Is it not, that behind every success story that you and I have, there is some small dark secret. The class monitor who never reported his mischievous best friend, the super footballer who pulled off a great act to get his school team a penalty or the brightest student of the class who scored a couple of extra marks because he accidentally walked into a friend in the washroom.
I wont compare this to the ABSOLUTE CRIMES that leaders around the globe today commit. I detest them as much as Julian Assange and the founders of the Zeitgeist Movement do, but for a moment, lets think of the effects the a Wikileaks would have had on our class monitor, super footballer and brightest student in class. A mini disaster in the life of the young leader???
I am not drawing any analogies but is it not that "The Zeitgeist Movement" very well contradicts its own theories that our world leaders try to show us what they want to? Do the leaders of Zeitgeist have a soul so cleansed that they are not corrupted by power? Is not that they try to show us what they want us to believe in?
Harmony is a long lost dream of the past when homo sapiens did not walk the face of the earth. But since you and me were born, like the billions before us, let us for a moment stop dreaming of the idealistic world that would have been. Would it actually be possible to rule a nation without secrets? Is it any more real than the heavens and gods to be dreaming of a world with free information flowing through humanity yet not destroyed by it. Is it possible to control the devil in every soul, enlightened with information on how the world is run, how each nations armed forces protect them?
Then again we come across the human race so much betrayed by the people they want to trust, its so much certain that they trust anything that raises its arms against the governments. And in there is something that I believe fans the fires that helps people rise against each other, helps a Julian Assange and a Zeitgeist movement rise against the governments.

PS: This is a personal view blinded by the lack of adequate knowledge but driven by a complete trust in human nature. The very psychological state that you and me started to carry the moment we we had our five senses working.

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